Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tips on Car Care from Rust

When several particular parts ended vehicle rusty, car must improve before it worsening. If the rust impact small it could be improved own without the need send to the workshop.

Only need dump rust impact use small knife. Scrape rust impact that with layer paints. Doing with painstaking so amiss does not rust other part.

After scrape, clean those parts use water warm and special detergent soap car to remove impact wax and dirt climb. To close hole anything that happened, use filling material (filler) coloured white or soil colour to flattened at the top

When dry, use sandpaper to scrub on the face of this purpose flattens it. We must do some time that section already stuck on equal with other part.

If uneven, its impact will be known when car paint where part involves would be significant. So, lets filler thoroughly dry before committing matter further.

After surface repaired dry and clean, wipe layer undercoat paint intend to protect metal.

Layer of paint as such can be covered prolonged to prevent rusty condition recur.

Undercoat paint must dries with right before sweep layer of paint car. When sweep layer paint car, use brush enclose or tiny brush so can control and paint those parts thorough. Lets layer of paint dry before are repeated until surface layer seem equal and balanced.

Although have various means can done to ensure intact car, car care aspect is most important.

Always for the car fresh look, should emphasize car maintenance from the early stage car buying.

Car wash gives unnoticed good. When cleaning, give some attention on the part wheel and tire and part panel behind tire. Dirt waste will stick to the part and could cause rust.

When maintain car, use cleansing milk suitably for the car and polisher high-quality so surface layer paint outlast.

However, have detergent suitably for some car and is not. So, you might be careful and read application system and his content thorough.

Several other policies can be used driver as follows:

  • Check always drainage hole to framework, floor and lower part car so moisture not trapped to division involve.
  • Make sure car wash and polish neatly to protect paint car.
  • Make sure car lower part hose with shower air whose strong once a month.
  • Remove product or object whose absorb humidity from the inside car to avoid it rusty.

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